Dental Bridges in East Walpole, MA

Restorative procedures in dentistry have come a long way. At Unident Dental Group in East Walpole, MA, we have different restorative options to offer to our patients. These help them resume their lives normally without having to hide their smiles or deal with trouble chewing and speaking.

Dental bridges are very popular, and many patients prefer them to implants because they’re more familiar with bridges. At Unident Dental Group, we fit many patients with dental bridges throughout the year and have plenty of experience with them.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is used to replace a missing tooth. It relies on placing a false tooth in the gap left by the fallen natural tooth. The false tooth remains in place because we fixate it to the adjacent natural teeth. Adjacent teeth will need to be modified so they can hold the artificial tooth in place.

Some of our patients are under the false impression that a dental bridge can only be used to replace a single tooth. The truth is that a single bridge can hold many teeth as long as there are healthy flanking teeth for attachment.

Importance of Restoration

Patients are sometimes tempted to neglect restoration as long as the missing tooth isn’t part of their smile. That’s not something we recommend because missing teeth have other repercussions. A missing tooth will affect your ability to chew and speak the way you’re used to.

As for cosmetic purposes, a missing tooth doesn’t have to directly affect the smile to have an impact. Teeth position themselves based on how much free space they have. If you give them more space, they’ll spread apart. Alternatively, if you give them less space, they’ll cram together.

When a tooth falls out, more space becomes available for your other teeth to shift. In time, you’ll notice the gaps between your teeth get larger as they start to shift away from each other. For all of these reasons, we always recommend restorative procedures to all our patients with missing teeth. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation!