Zoom! Teeth Whitening in East Walpole, MA

If your teeth are discolored, then you’re one out of millions of Americans struggling with this dental aesthetics problem. While discolored teeth aren’t necessarily painful or dysfunctional, a stained smile can negatively impact your self-confidence. When your self-esteem takes a hit, a lot of areas in your life suffer. You may be self-conscious about interacting in social situations and even at work. Thankfully, you can whiten your teeth and smile confidently again by choosing Unident Dental Group.

Here at Unident Dental Group, we’re proud to offer Philips®️ Zoom! Teeth whitening in East Walpole, MA. Zoom! Teeth whitening uses special laser light to quicken the bleaching process for faster and longer-lasting effects.

Why Are Your Teeth Discolored?

If your teeth are significantly discolored, it could be as a result of one or more reasons. During your visit, our dentist in East Walpole, MA, will investigate the root cause of your discoloration to determine whether Zoom! Teeth Whitening is an excellent choice for you.

Some common causes of tooth staining and discoloration include:

  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Excessive use of tobacco
  • Overindulgence in staining foods and drinks
  • Aging process
  • Certain treatments and medications
  • Silver amalgam fillings

Understanding the underlying factors contributing to your tooth discoloration will also help you to manage this problem in the future.

The Zoom! Procedure

We begin by cleaning your teeth to remove food debris as well as plaque and tartar. Afterward, our dentist covers your lips and gums to protect against the laser light used to facilitate the whitening process. You’ll also get protective glasses for your eyes.

Our dentist then applies the whitening agent—a special blend that contains hydrogen peroxide—to your teeth. We then direct the Zoom! light to activate the bleaching process.

The Zoom! whitening procedure is carried out in three sessions of fifteen minutes each. After every 15 minutes, our dentist reapplies a fresh coat of the whitening agent. We’ll check your teeth after every session to monitor your progress.

After the final session, our dentist applies a fluoride paste to your teeth to manage tooth sensitivity.

At the end of your treatment, our dentist will issue you with a touch-up Zoom! kit for home-use. Make sure to use the kit as instructed for the best results.

Don’t let discolored teeth get in the way of your best life. Contact Unident Dental Group today and ask us about Zoom! Teeth whitening near you.

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