Preventive Dentistry in East Walpole, MA

While you do your best to prevent dental decay by brushing and flossing your teeth every day, our dentist at Unident Dental Group also does their part. We offer preventive dentistry services to spot issues before they worsen. Here are some of the preventive services we offer:

Routine Examinations

It’s recommended that patients visit their dentists every six months to get their teeth examined and then cleaned thoroughly. During these exams, dentists look at the front, back, and in between teeth closely. They check for problems like dental decay, hairline fractures, or chips in teeth. They also screen for other conditions like oral cancer and gum disease.

Night Guards

Our dentist in East Walpole can easily spot teeth grinding during an oral examination. Grinding can wear down the cusps of your teeth, which can eventually lead to them flattening and breaking. One of their preventive dentistry solutions is a night guard that you can wear to cushion and protect your teeth while you’re sleeping.

Fluoride Treatments

If there isn’t fluoride in the local water supply, your teeth can quickly decay, which can lead to incredible discomfort. Fortunately, our dentist can take a proactive stance and recommend fluoride treatments periodically to help protect your teeth and keep tooth decay at bay. They can also suggest fluoride toothpaste to use for daily brushings.

Oral Cancer Screenings

If caught early, oral cancer is easy to treat and almost always curable. Unfortunately, if not found until the later stages, the chances of curing it go down sharply. Dentists carefully examine the mouth for red or white lesions, hard lumps, and spots on the back of the tongue. They may also find signs of throat cancer while doing this preventive exam.

Gum Disease Screenings

While the dentist is examining you, some questions about your oral hygiene may come up. Our dentist at Unident Dental Group will want to know if you see blood when brushing your teeth as that is often the first sign of gum disease. The dentist will then examine the gums for pocketing, receding from teeth, and loose teeth. It’s crucial to find gum disease early, so it has a successful outcome.

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