Home Tooth Whitening in East Walpole, MA

Whether it’s everyday staining or severe discoloration that you’re struggling with, Unident Dental Cent of Walpole can be your trusted ally in the journey towards a pearly white smile. For patients who have stained or discolored teeth, smiling with confidence can be nearly impossible. Lucky for you, you can transform your smile from dull and unappealing to dazzling.

With so many over-the-counter whitening products available in the market today, it can be daunting to choose one that will work for you. Our dentist in East Walpole, MA, can guide you and help you achieve success with your home tooth whitening endeavors.

What to Expect

There are two main types of teeth whitening—in-office chairside whitening and home whitening. In-office whitening uses whitening agents that contain a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide. As such, you’ll realize faster and better results when you get your teeth whitened by a dental professional.

For home tooth whitening, our dentist will create a custom home whitening kit that you can use at the comfort of your residence. During your visit, our dentist near you will take dental impressions that we then use to create custom trays for you. Custom trays enhance the effectiveness of the bleaching agent by ensuring maximum contact between the whitening gel and your teeth. The trays also protect your gum tissues from the whitening agent, which can be caustic on soft tissues.

Benefits of Dentist-Supervised Home Tooth Whitening

Over-the-counter tooth bleaching products may be tempting, but they don’t always give you the results you want. More often than not, home tooth whitening kits bought from your local drugstore come with ill-fitting trays and bleaching agents of significantly lower strength.

Dentist-supervised home tooth whitening near you is the best alternative for patients who want to brighten their smile successfully, and with lasting effects.

During your visit, our dentist will also evaluate other aspects of your oral health and get you started on any treatments that you may need.

Don’t let a stained or discolored smile hold you back from living the life you want. Contact our dentist today to discuss your home tooth whitening options. We’ll be happy to arrange a comprehensive consultation and create a custom whitening kit for you.

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