Lumineers in East Walpole, MA

Lumineers are ultra-thin, translucent porcelain, that are placed over either natural or replacement teeth to replicate the enamel. Although Lumineers are durable and can last for as long as twenty years, they do not take the place of consistent oral hygiene.

The doctors and the oral healthcare professionals at Unident Dental Group, located near you in East Walpole, MA, want to educate their patients, current and new, on the option of Lumineers as a restorative dental treatment.

Lumineers can be an alternative to many common dental conditions with just two visits. However, the dentist must be a Certified Lumineer Dentist to advise a patient and to perform the treatment.

What are the Dental Conditions to Consider for Lumineers?

Below are six of the common conditions suitable for Lumineer treatment.

1. Permanently Brighten Stained or Discolored Teeth

Lumineers are the permanent solution for teeth whitening regardless of food, drink, or passage of time.

2. Restore Chipped Teeth

Lumineers are the permanent solution for the repair of chipped front teeth.

3. Eliminate Spaces and Gaps

Lumineers are the best, non-invasive treatment to eliminate the spaces or gaps in front teeth or any other spacing issues in the mouth.

4. Align Crooked Teeth

Sometimes, Lumineers can be the alternative to orthodontics or other straightening treatments. There are many adults who do not want to endure the discomfort or invest time in other straightening methods. Instead, straight teeth can be accomplished in two visits.

5. Reshape Small or Misshapen Teeth

Any misshapen front teeth will detract from your appearance and smile. Since Lumineers are placed over natural teeth, without the enamel being drilled down, there is no discomfort to the misshapen tooth or to the adjacent teeth.

6. Renew Old Dental Work

Lumineers can be placed over replacement teeth for the same effect as when placed over natural teeth.

What is Involved in the Lumineer Procedure?

A precise mold is taken during the first visit. Before this mold is sent to the Lab, you and your dentist will make the determination of the shade of white that is right for you. When the Lumineers are returned from the Lab and are checked for fit and color, they are placed during the second visit.

It is not necessary to wear temporaries during the time between the first and second visits as the natural enamel remains intact. The Lumineers are applied without anesthesia or drilling into the sensitive tooth structure.

If you would like a consultation regarding the Lumineer treatment and whether this treatment is right for you, then please contact the oral healthcare professionals at Unident Dental Group, located in East Walpole, MA, where new patients are always welcome.

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